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Aquamark 3 - Windows XP/Vista 64-Bit Dual Patch. Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by Super XP, May 20, 2008. Aug 5, 2014 - Free Download AquaMark 3 - Measure the overall performance of your computer with highly detailed results and the possibility to compare it with othe. Heatkiller 3.0: Seven 64: 24' & 22. Download Halford Resurrection Rar Free. › Forums › Graphics Cards › AMD/ATI › 64 bit aquamark 3 patch? Advanced PDF Editor for Windows.

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Aqua is a very old test, and it's mostly about CPU. Not sure if 9800GT can overkill its graphics but still very high CPU dependence. PS That mad sandy bridge. Yepp, it's all about CPU. They're bugged though, the 512k run is about 100k higher than any other 9800GTX+ submission. And the other one must be bugged(8800GTX), I couldn't repeat it and when comparing it to rankings on hwbot I wouldn't be the fastest but all scores that where close where modded cards and on extreme cooling. Hiviz kindly lent me a 2600k, and it's mad!

Dec 26, 2011 - stealth said: Ok the patch works for me but i have another problem, right after the bench finish the screen gets black, i can't see a result and there is not a way to go to desktop. I have to reset the system. Does the same happen when you run just Aquamark (without wrapper)?

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To bad it's so damn hot right now, if it was winter and I could get like 0C water temps I have no doubt I could run it at 5,7G for aqua. I've done a spi1m @5698Mhz with it. If I could get a penny every single time I hear 'HiVizMan' and 'mad' words in one sentence I would already bench 4-way 780Ti) But actually I mentioned that Aqua is defined as a GPU test but it's actually a CPU one, so if you overkill every existing 9800 score it doesn't means it's impossible, it may be because of the CPU (if no one benched aqua with modern ln2 cooled CPUs) The first score was 100k better then people using LN2 on gpu and cpu The other one with the 8800GTX(second screenshot) is not impossible, but it seems a bit to good to be true. Hiviz, what do you say about the second screenshot? Bugged or not? Cpu was @5,6g and not 5,5G like in the screenshot. CPU score seems right on the money for what I would expect on the second one, but the score does seem a little high, maybe by only 15-20K though.

Since the new wrapper came out I've been noticing that the bench seems to be a lot happier with windows 7 than it ever did do before so that would help you out a lot. Feel free to PM me if you want any other advice on aquamark. I'll be giving it a go myself soon with an 8800 GTX so I should be able to give you much more in depth help.

I used d3d overrider and LOD @15, diagnostics mode boot of course. Regular win install, not a slimmed one. I'll ask Hiviz if he thinks it's ok I'll go ahead and post it(the 8800GTX one of course.) I've got about 350k before with a 3770k @5,4G, and that was without d3d overrider. Berliner Testament Muster Pdf To Word.