3rd Edition 1956 Clean Air Act Memorandum

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The first Clean Air Act was enacted in 1956 and was subsequently extended and amended by the Clean Air Act 1968. Both these Acts were repealed in 1993 and consolidated into the Clean Air Act 1993. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 regulates the emission of certain substances to air, land or water, from various processes. 3 'Chimney Heights – Third Edition of the 1956 Clean Air Act Memorandum', 1981, The Stationery Office. 4 'Approximate Estimates of the Frequencies of Exceedance of the New EPAQS Short Term Air Quality Standard for. Remo Repair Rar 2 Crack here. Sulphur Dioxide due to Local Stack Discharges', November 1995, BRE Report CR 223/95, DETR.

3rd Edition 1956 Clean Air Act Memorandum

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Third edition of the 1956 Clean Air Act memorandum. The Escapist 2. Document Status Current Supplement Core Supplement Abstract Provides for the use of Local Authorities, Industry and others who may need to determine the height appropriate for certain new chimneys. The main changes from the second edition are the inclusion of a method dealing with very low sulphur fuel, the extension of the method for taking into account the height of nearby buildings, and the extension of the range of the size of furnace included. History This document is no longer available from the original publisher therefore the status is unconfirmed. ISBN 567 Subjects • Building structure • Roofs • Chimneys Publisher History The Department of the Environment merged with the Department of Transport to form the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

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