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Jeopardy on TV is a legend. Jeopardy for the Game Gear is not. Inconsistencies in the rules and dull game play put the future of Cametek's new video game in.uh, jeopardy. The Answer Is. Is anyone not familiar with Jeopardy's premise? If you're just in from Mars, here it is in a nutshell: Trivia questions. Double Jeopardy-cash doubles.

Final Jeopardy-bet in advance, answer one question. The player who has the most cash at the end of the game wins. Key concept: The questions are really answers, you provide the questions. 'The answer is-Geppetto's cat in Pinocchio. Game Bleach Mugen Full more. ' 'Who is Figaro?'

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Sound familiar? Slow Video Games for $100, Alex The problem is obvious.

You have to spell out the answers, a tiresome task. Maybe you know who successfully organized the 1984 Summer Olympics, but can you spell it? (Peter Ueberroth).

The TV show contestants don't have to, but you do, making this more like a spelling test. It's a test of patience, too, because it takes forever to punch in long answers. The computer allows some minor spelling inconsistencies, but it's unclear what's acceptable. Ufs Explorer Linux Serial. 'Betty Daviss' is OK instead of 'Bette Davis,' but '19' is wrong when the computer wants '19th.' You'll also find inconsistencies when spelling names-some answers require both first and last names, while others require only the last name to be correct. Good Things for $200, Alex Fans of the show will like the variety of categories.

There are over 300 topics, everything from 'Authors' to 'Begins With a Z,' including some charming categories like 'Potpourri' and The Pits.' Alex Trebek fans will enjoy the sounds-the digitized voice of their digitized hero saying 'You are right!' Hundreds of times. And, of course, there's that famous Final Jeopardy song.

As for graphics, basically all you do is read questions and answers. Cametek tries to liven things up with contestants who cheer and cringe, but it gets old fast.

Ding Ding Ding, the Dally Double! You'll need the knowledge of a Ph.D to sweep the board consistently, but you'll need the patience of a saint to play more than a few times.

'The answer is: Jeopardy.' 'What is a slow game?' 'You are right!' Gather round, game show couch potatoes. You've been braggin' for years that you could beat the pants off the clowns that appear on Jeopardy. Well, geniuses, here's your chance to put your ego on the line. Up to three players can compete In the privacy of their own living rooms in one of America's all-time favorite game shows.