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I am getting this message when installing an application on a win7 PC: When CreateRegKeyEx for Software CA Software Domino Web server Mapping, this error. I have included it in my MSi project but during the installation I get the following error:- Registering Error When createRegKeyEx for Software Crystal Decisions 10.0 Domino Web Server Mapping, this error occurs: Access is denied. I tried using the CrystalReportsRedist2005_x86.msm merge module instead.

I'm sorry to post an another question about CR9 (SP4) and installshield. By the way I haven't seen any thread or any article in the KB with the same error as I have. To be sure to be well understood I will detail all: Create a simple MSI project by importing a VB6 Project Add some ressources files, Seagate Registration Wizard merge module needed (CR modules added by import or added: rdcdesigntime, rdcruntime, reportengine) Type the CR9 key Compiling All is OK. Then comes the time to test the setup.

I launch the setup on a Windows 2000 (latest SP) with administrator privileges. I launch the exe installed, all is OK Logging off / reloging with an user account. I launch the exe: the setup is relaunched the setup don't finish and wait for something After hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL, and finish the msi task 5 or 6 times I got this message: When SetRegKeyValueEX:open for Software Seagate Software Domino Web Server Mapping, this error occurs: Access denied. Pyme Manager Belleza Keygen Generator here. After clicking OK, the setup ends and then the exe is launched and works fine, even the part using the CR Viewer. I'm really surprised as I don't know what this domino web server mapping is going in!

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide me. I've been getting the same error here, SetRegKeyValueEX:open for Software Seagate Software Domino Web Server Mapping I went into the msi file and turned off the switches for all the database drivers except for install_CRDB_Dataset, install_CRDB_ADO, and install_CDRD_ADOPlus. I am thinking maybe one of those drivers is trying to set that key value and I don't have Domino Web Server installed on my target machines. All I am doing is using the CrystalReports10_Net_EmbeddedReporting.msm in my dotnet project so I don't know why they turn on all these switches by default. Xskey Logic 7 Crack Derby on this page.