Vanilla Card Activation Number

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Vanilla Card Activation NumberVanilla Card Activation Number

Vanilla Visa gift cards cannot be reloaded or returned once purchased. Card holders can use this card anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards or PULSE cards as payment for signature purchases, limited to the 50 U.S. Korg Pa50sd Styles Set Indian on this page.

If your Card was purchased at Walmart, or Sam's Club, or begins with 515462, please call 1-800-680-5938. If your Card was purchased in Puerto Rico, or begins with 534771, please call 1-866-585-8338. All Other Cards, please call 1-800-680-5941. To reach a Customer Care Representative call 1-800-571-1376. Activate Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card. Or the number on the back of the card packaging and call the toll-free number to activate your card.

States and the District of Columbia. These cards can also set up a PIN number for debit purchases if needed. If the purchase costs more than the balance on the Vanilla Visa gift card, card holders should have a secondary form of payment to cover the balance. The customer should let the cashier know a split purchase is required beforehand as some retailers don't allow these types of transactions.

If paying for gas, customers should be aware that many pay-at-the-pump options require holds on funds, so going inside and prepaying might serve as a better payment option. Refx Nexus Christmas Expansion Download Google. Vanilla Visa gift cards can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, H.E.B, Kangaroo Express and Office Depot, among others. A Vanilla Visa gift card holder should write down the card number for use in case of loss or theft, recommends Vanilla Gift Card.

On its website, the company provides a toll-free number that cardholders can use to report a lost or stolen gift card. Cardholders who provide the number of the missing card along with identifying information receive a replacement card if a balance remains on the card.