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USB Redirector RDP Edition - Simple USB Device Redirection over RDP USB Redirector RDP Edition allows to redirect USB devices to the remote computer when working via Remote Desktop. It consists of two parts - Server part and Workstation part. So USB devices connected to Workstation become available on remote PC, Virtual Machine or Terminal Server. USB Redirector RDP Edition suits great for Virtual Desktop/VDI solutions where you need to redirect USB devices into remote Virtual Machine. Usign USB devices in Desktop Virtualization environment More and more large and small companies tend to use Virtual Desktop Environment for their employees because it is flexible, simple and secure. Each user, working via the Remote Desktop, may need accessing his/her USB devices attached to a workstation or thin-client, in the RDP session on virtual desktop.

And USB Redirector RDP Edition allows to accomplish this! This solution is the most suitable for single-user applications, where one Virtual Machine is used by only one user at a time. It also can be used when redirecting devices to Terminal Server. Hammerli 208 International Manuals. But please note that due to Windows specifics, all USB devices are global in the system to which they are redirected. For multi-user environments, where you need to isolate USB devices in RDP session, you can use our other solution USB Redirector RDP Edition works as background service USB Redirector RDP Edition works as a background service, this means you don't have to keep the app open all the time. Once you have finished configuring the program, you can safely close it. USB Redirector will continue to work even after reboot.

Redirecting local USB devices into the Remote Desktop session in 4 steps • Step 1: Install USB Redirector RDP Edition (Workstation part) on a workstation or thin-client PC, where USB devices are physically plugged. • Step 2: Install USB Redirector RDP Edition (Server part) on the Virtual Machine, Terminal Server or remote PC where you wish to connect your USB devices remotely. • Step 3: Share a required USB device on Workstation. After USB device has been shared, it can not be used locally, because USB device is acquired for individual usage by remote USB clients! • Step 4: Start Remote Desktop Client and Login to the remote machine. USB device will be connected automaticaly.

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