Hammerli 208 International Manuals

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An Introduction To Solar Radiation Iqbal Ahmed. International records and medals. The 208s is a. Reference manuals and bulletins for details of proper training requirements. HAMMERLI 208s. STEYR SYSTEM SBS RIFLE. KAHR ARMS K40 PISTOL. STEYR SYSTEM SBS RIFLE. AMERICAN RIFLEMAN • July 1997. LONG a name well-known to aficiona. HAMMERLI INTERNATIONAL 208/211/214/215 Sight Adjustments Clockwise down. Manual recommends back-lash should be no more than two to. Ford Ids Software Torrent. Pilkington Competition. Browse all new and used Hammerli Pistols for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International.

Hammerli 208 On this page: Frame cracking History: The 208 was first produced for sale in 1966 The Hammerli 208 is a descendant of the Walther Olympia. In the period immediately after WWII, when Walther was forbidden to manufacture firearms the Olympia was produced under license by Hammerli. Apart from the rear sight mounting and the grip angle, the lineage from the Walther Olympia to the Hammerli 208 is obvious. The Hammerli company taken over by Walther in 20??; as from 1993 Walther has been part of the Umarex Group In competition The existing (May 2009) World Record for ISSF 25M Standard Pistol of 584 was set by Erich Buljung (USA), at the PanAmerican Games, Caracas (VEN) using a Hammerli 208 The previous World Record for ISSF 25M Standard Pistol was held by a shooter using a Hammerli 208 Although the design is over 40 years old, 208 pistols are still used by some shooters in the 25M Womens Pistol event at ISSF World Cups and Continental Championships Designer: Variants: 208 1966 to 19?? Redesigned trigger guard and adjustable trigger 211 19??

The 215 is in effect the 208 without the polished exterior finish of the 208; the 215 has a blued, sandblasted finish.

Hammerli 208 International Manuals

HAMMERLI INTERNATIONAL 208/211/214/215 Sight Adjustments Clockwise down. Clockwise right. 1 click = 10mm @ 25m Trigger Adjustments – Early Models Trigger Weight Insert allen key through hole in trigger guard into the trigger adjustment screw. Turn clockwise to increase trigger weight. Trigger Stop Strip pistol as described below.

Loosen locking screw, pull down trigger guard and adjust trigger stop screw (as indicated in photo). Clockwise to decrease back-lash. Manual recommends back-lash should be no more than two to three tenths of a millimetre. Trigger Adjustments – Late Models For 208/211 serial numbered after 40335 or 214/215 after 67589. Trigger Weight Turn allen key 1.5mm (#1) clockwise to increase trigger weight.

Second Stage Travel (Sear Engagement) This has been set at the factory and is not recommended to be adjusted. Turn screw (#2) clockwise to increase travel. First Stage Weight Takeup weight can be increased by turning allen key 1.5mm (#3) clockwise. First Stage Travel This can be lengthened by turning small screwdriver (#4) clockwise.

Stripping Check pistol is unloaded and remove magazine. Leave slide in forward position.

Loosen screw at rear (below rear sight) and remove the complete rear sight assembly by pulling the latter out backwards. Remove the forward barrel weight by loosening the screw(s) and sliding forward.

Remove the slide thus: Hold the pistol with the right hand, pull the trigger guard fully downwards and push this to the left with the right index finger. Now pull the slide back to the full extent of its travel, lift it up, and let it glide forward so as to leave the barrel freely. To reassemble, proceed in reverse order.