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(tŏm'sən) British physicist who discovered the electron in 1897. Biochemistry U Satyanarayana 3rd Edition. While experimenting with cathode rays, he deduced that the particles he observed were smaller than an atom.

Arturia Minimoog V2 Keygen Software. Thomson also made noteworthy studies of the conduction of electricity through gases. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1906. Our Living Language: Nowadays we take for granted the existence of electrons, but this was not true just over 100 years ago, when the atom was thought to be a single unit that had no parts. The breakthroughs came in the late 1890s, when the British physicist J. Thomson was studying what we now call cathode-ray tubes. Program Tipare Croitorie. As an electric current passed from the cathode at one end of the tube to the anode at the other, raylike emanations were seen to proceed from the cathode to the anode.