Ultrasound Reporting Software

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************** Embedded Contact Object ************** Here's how the system works: • DICOM modality work lists send orders to the ultrasound cart • The cart sends DICOM Images and Structured Reports (SR) to McKesson Cardiology • One central cardiac patient file holds all of this information, including images, measurements and other ultrasound machine data • Report fields are prepopulated and finalized reports can be sent back to the patient's medical record The end result? No more video and paper-and a drastic reduction in data entry errors. Drop Patch L2 Interlude Servers on this page.

McKesson Cardiology Echo and Vascular Ultrasound are part of the comprehensive, a single solution joining cardiac and peripheral catheterization,, nuclear cardiology and. The echocardiography software system seamlessly integrates with, inventory, billing, orders, and work lists to ensure accurate and timely transfer of patient information.

Ultrasound Reporting Software

ViewPoint is a user-oriented image archiving and documentation system based on Microsoft Windows. It enables quick and precise diagnostic reporting with standardized terminology. ViewPoint provides exam type specific reporting forms for various medical care areas. Forms are composed of different sections with data entry fields. The documentation can include measurements, exam findings, images, and graphs. All data is saved in the ViewPoint database and can be compiled to a professional report.

You can't do that, however, if physicians and staff must constantly hunt down patient information. Click Here To Download: Enhanced MFM Reporting, Tighter EMR Integration. The OnBase MFM Ultrasound Reporting System (R4) from Hyland Software captures, connects and stores patient information in a HIPAA-compliant. Ultrasound Reporting Software, Wholesale Various High Quality Ultrasound Reporting Software Products from Global Ultrasound Reporting Software Suppliers and.

Images and image sequences can be reviewed in the ViewPoint display area based on user preference.