Patch Warcraft 3 Tft 1.23

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The Warcraft Version Switcher software allow you to switch between 2 or more versions of Warcraft 3 TFT on a single PC. The latest Warcra. WARCRAFT 3 1.28 PATCH FIX 100%SUCCESS RATE! Now go into applications, go into Warcraft III folder, and ONLY delete TFT icon and ROC. Empty your trash bin. Hello, i want play again on euro:cool: but when i try install patch i get one error ( he talks about records of warcraft) ¬¬ i need have 1.22 to install 1.23?? My currently version are 1.20e thanks:thumbUP.

Patch Warcraft 3 Tft 1.23

07:20 AMPosted by How about you just link the guide instead of forcing us watch a long!@# video? It's probably a keylogger scam its not. Trust me just watch the video yes its long. Here are the steps and please like so other people see it works. Delete everything WC3 on your mac.

I mean anything in docs, downloads, apps. Make sure anything WC3 is deleted before you do step 2. Re download WC3 and TFT but after you install the game close the window where it says play the game or register. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. Download the patch from If you play TFT then download that one but if you don't do the ROC. Run the patch and download it. You should get to the CD key error like I always did.

Now go into applications, go into Warcraft III folder, and ONLY delete TFT icon and ROC. Empty your trash bin.

Go back into your apps, open warcraft III folder, OPEN Warcraft III Launcher and it will redownload the update and then the game should boot. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING to get this game working on my mac and this worked. Yes i know its a long!@# video that should have been 4 mins but that guy does everything step by step and is very detailed.

Warcraft 3 Tft Cheats

I only linked the video to give that guy credit. Im here if you have any questions.

Many people have problems where to find and download latest Warcraft patch. You can download it from official blizzard site. You must note that there’s a possibility you will failed to patch up and in some condition you must re-install Warcraft 3 TFT and repatch again to successfully upgrade. Please share your experience here as it can help another people who want to patch this too. 🙂 Update: If you failed to update with previous step, try this step. I found it on Dota-Allstars Forums.

These are the three easy steps for you to update your WarCraft III from 1.22 —>1.23 Step 1: Copy your WarCraft III version 1.22 Folder in your Program Files or which directory you have placed it. So if for example you had it this way. C: Program Files Warcraft III (This is the 1.22 version of WC3, the reason why it is recommended to be copied is because you may not be able to view your 1.22 replays if ever you want to view them. I got loads of replays so yeah.) copy it then it should be C: Program Files Copy of Warcraft III (This will be the directory of your 1.23 patch, after doing step 3 rename this folder to whichever name you like but i prefer renaming it to “WarCraft III 1.23”) Step 2: Download the.dll files and.mpq files for patch 1.23 here – Step 3: Extract the downloaded file to your newly copied folder. Copy the files inside the folder you just extracted.

Paste it on the main WC3 directory(C: Program Files Copy of Warcraft III) A message will be asked whether to replace the existing files on your folder, Answer Yes and you’re good to go! Solidworks 2010 X64 Crack Download. I hope this helped you guys! If you find any of these steps unclear feel free to ask. Aquamark 3 Windows 7 64 Bit here.