Korean Hamer Guitar Serial Numbers

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Korean Hamer Guitar Serial NumbersKorean Hamer Guitar Serial Numbers

Looks to be a '98 Hamer Archtop. According to Vintage Guitar Magazine's article on the vintage Hamers, this is about a '98 model, which seems to coincide with the serial number. Here is what the article has to say: 'Import Series As mentioned, ca.

'97 Hamer began to shift its Korean imports from the Slammer Series into the Import Series, switching Slammer production to Indonesia. The Import Series, sometimes called the Hamer Guitar, was intended to be the company's mid-line offering.

Date Your Hamer: Hamer Guitars are among the finest guitars ever built. All of these instruments have a stamped into the wood 4 digit serial number. Feb 03, 2010 There seem to be a difference on the labeling of the guitars. Korean Standards made in years around 2000 up to at least 2002 are labeled 'Hamer' on the headstock. The younger models are labeled 'Hamer' with 'XT-Series' underneath the Hamer logo. I have one Korean Standard that's said being produced in 2002 and the.

Since Korean manufacturers have dramatically improved their quality in recent years, these are high-quality guitars, designed in the U.S. And made overseas. Awus036h Debian Driver there. Hamer's Korean Imports carry the Hamer logo (no 'USA,' see the sidebar on logos). In '98 the Import Series included the Sunburst Arch Top Flame Top (SATF), Standard (STD), Rick Nielsen Signature (RNS), Echotone (ECO), Stellar 1 (ST1), Californian (CAL), Diablo (DAB), and Cruise 4 (CRS) and Cruise 5 (CRV) basses.

The Sunburst Arch Top Flame Top, Californian, Diablo, and Cruise basses were continuations of previous Slammer models. As alluded to earlier, in terms of design the Import Series was very similar to their previous American counterparts, although materials were sometimes different. Pickups on the Import Series were Duncan Designed. The Import Sunburst Arch Top Flame Top was basically the equivalent of the Hamer USA Studio, which descended from the Sunburst Archtop Standard. Carved flame maple top over mahogany, rosewood dotneck with three-and-three head.