Honda Motorcycle Serial Numbers

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Finding the engine serial number on a Honda motorcycle can be easy or more of a challenge, depending on the model of motorcycle. Cruisers have engines that are relatively exposed, and the engine number should be easy to spot. Sport bikes may have fairings that cover the engine, making the engine number more difficult to locate. At first glance, a motorcycle engine serial number looks complex.

1567 rows Honda Motorcycle Model Prefix – VIN Number How to decode the VIN Number on a Honda Motorcycle. Have you ever noticed the string of numbers and letters printed on. Free Honda VIN Decoder 1) Enter Your VIN Number 2) View Free VIN Report. Check Any VIN Number Using Our Free honda VIN Decoder Service.

Honda Motorcycle Serial NumbersHonda Motorcycle Serial Numbers

However, motorcycle manufacturers create these numbers to convey key information in a small space. Knowing the rules of how Honda chooses numbers for their engines will provide information for ordering parts for your specific engine.

Each of the letters and numbers in a VIN represents information about the motorcycle to which it refers. The first character represents the country of manufacture and the second stands for the name of the manufacturer. In the case of Honda, the second character is the letter H.

The third character represents the vehicle type. Motorcycles are vehicle type 2, so most Honda motorcycles have the number 2 as the third character in the VIN. The fourth through eighth characters in the VIN make up the Vehicle Descriptor Section, used by individual manufacturers to identify the engine type or model of the motorcycle. A VIN's ninth character is a check digit, used to confirm that the manufacturer authorized the VIN. Shinee Dazzling Girl Full Mv Downloader. The tenth character represents the year of manufacture and the eleventh represents the plant of manufacture. The final six characters are the serial number of the motorcycle. The exact location of the VIN plate varies by make of motorcycle, but usually appears on the steering neck or on the motor.