How To Install Foxmail

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How To Install Foxmail

Many of you have probably noticed that when installing, the default language for the user interface is Chinese. So by not having an option to change the language, and not being Chinese bunch of people could not use the application. Backstreet Boys.rar.

Foxmail indeed is light and easy to use, once you figured out how to set it in english (we’ll get to that a bit later.). I’ve configured my Gmail email address very fast (just my email address and password), and the program detected automatically the port settings and all my emails were there in a flash, with all the folders set in my local language, according to my gmail settings. Nokia 5230 Software Upgrade Download.

Actually there is an easy way to change the language in from Chinese to English. This is how you do it. Open 'My Computer' 2. Go to this folder 'C: Program Files Tencent Foxmail' (if your system disk is not C:, then change with the right letter) 3. Delete file 'chinese.lgb' (backup if you wish). And there you go, next time you open menu, and everything else will be in English.

This can be quite useful to remember, since when the updates it turns all the menus back to Chinese, so you have to delete 'chinese.lgb' after every update (if the menus get to be Chinese). This works on 6 beta, if you know that it works on some other versions please feel free to leave a comment.