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May 26, 2016 Ford Travelpilot Nx Europa Trkei 2013 Dvd. Ford Navigation Western Europe SD Sat Nav. Unlock Auto Radio Code Ford TRAVELPILOT NX.

Hi all, I have a 2007 Ford S-MAX with the TravelPilot NX DVD edition Sat Nav. Inside it has a Blaupunkt 2008 Update 2.0 DVD. I've upgraded the firmware to 5.3 and are continuing to use the 2008 DVD in there at the moment.

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I went to purchase this item and the seller is now refusing to ship on the grounds it's incompatible with my car. I gave him my VIN number to check. His listing shows a picture of the NX SD version and a 2003 edition but his item description explains it's a 2014 DVD edition for the TravelPilot NX. I assume therefore the picture is simply a mistake. The description fits perfectly with what I need and I believe the fact it states it's for a Mondeo is not relevant. The crucial part is that it's a DVD for a Ford TravelPilot NX system. Also, would I have difficulty in going straight from 2008 ->2014 DVD.

I read some problems with folk doing a 2007 DVD to 2014 and they suggested a 2009 DVD. I don't have access to a 2009 unfortunately. Have I perhaps had a lucky escape here? Robin I've just done a 5.3 update on my NX when I try to load my tomtom 2014 it tries to load and then shuts down, did this happen with you? Updated to 5.3 without issue but I used my 2008 Update 2 disk for week or so first. I didn't have the opportunity to try the 2014 version for the reasons I explained in another post. Easeus Mobisaver Crack. Perhaps I had a lucky escape and the supplier of the 2014 version were correct?