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George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic - The Mothership Connection - Live From Houston. Parliament ‎- The Best Of Parliament: Give Up The Funk. The Best Of Parliament: Give Up The Funk by Parliament. 64 Bit Codec Powerpoint 2010 Download Free. When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply. For legal reasons too complicated to dive into, George Clinton forged two bands, Parliament and. Feb 9, 2003 - In the 1970s, nobody in the entire universe ruled funk like the inimitable George Clinton did. During that decade, the former Motown staff writer alternated between his two groups, Parliament and Funkadelic, creating a whacked-out, psychedelic hybrid of funk, R&B, and rock that no one has even.

Finding a quality best-of to start with is simple. In fact, the most difficult part is narrowing down your choices. Conversely, finding a quality best-of to start with is daunting.

First of all, the group split its 11-year career between two labels, Westbound and Warner Bros., which makes assembling a career-spanning best-of a problem. If you want a compilation documenting the group's early years at Westbound, you have few options, none of which are comprehensive or easy to find with the exception of Ace's.

The group's Warner Bros. Years aren't much easier to find documented.

There are some single-disc best-ofs that have surfaced over the years, but they're inadequate. '(Not Just) Knee Deep' itself spans the course of 15 minutes, and many of 's better moments such as 'One Nation Under a Groove' aren't short songs either, meaning you only get a small sample of songs on a 75-minute single-disc best-of. So if you really want to hear what Warner Bros.-era was all about, it's recommended to find something more extensive or just buy the four Warner Bros.

In terms of double-disc best-ofs, there's no better choice than either or, which are near facsimiles. The latter includes all the group's hits from the Warner Bros.

Era in unedited format, while focusing its attention primarily at the flawless and albums rather than the less engaging and. Because the band included live versions of 'Cosmic Slop' and 'Maggot Brain' on its Warner Bros. Albums, you luckily get those pre-Warner Bros. Classics here too.

But what you don't get is any Westbound material predating the four Warner Bros. In other words, this isn't exactly the one-stop you might hope it is.