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• • Sayonee (: سیونی‬‎, literal translation: 'soulmate') is a song by the Pakistani band, released in April, 1997. It is the first track from the band's fourth album, (1997), released on. Written by lead guitarist and founder of the band and writer Sabir Zafar, it is the lead on the album, the song uses blends of rock guitars and bluesy vocals with traditional Pakistani musical elements like the percussion drums, -inspired melodies styled and blended into. The unexpected success of 'Sayonee' in 1997 propelled Azadi at the local and international music charts, within three months of the release of Azadi, the album had sold over half a million copies and hit platinum sales status in a record of four weeks. The music video of the single, 'Sayonee', was shot by Asim Reza which became an instant hit in and the, shooting to the top of all the Asian charts, and staying at #1 on both and for over two months. The single was a hit in, topping all music charts in, and. The success of the single led the album being the band's highest selling album in South Asia and Junoon received a platinum certification for hitting platinum sales for their album.

Also, the single was nominated for the 'Best International Song' at the in 1998. Junoon won the 'Best International Group' title at the Channel V Music Awards, where they performed along with world-wide icons, and. Azadi was nominated for 'Best International Album', having achieved the prestigious honour of being the highest selling album in, and that year. To this day, it is considered one of the best sufi rock songs ever recorded, and is often performed at concerts by Junoon. The song is one of the most well known and popular track by Junoon, also listeners and critics have continued to praise 'Sayonee' as one of the greatest rock songs of all time in.

Also, 'Sayonee' was named at #1 in a list of Junoon's top 10 songs published by on their website. In addition, the live version performed at,, in 1998 of the song featured in the live album, released in 2002. The song has also featured in several other albums by the band like (2001) and (2004). Contents • • • • • Music video [ ] The music video of 'Sayonee', literal English meaning 'Soulmate', was directed by Asim Reza, and was shot entirely in the Pakistani city of Multan.