2007 Honda Odyssey Installing Rear License Plate

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2007 Honda Odyssey Installing Rear License Plate 8,8/10 2803reviews
2007 Honda Odyssey Installing Rear License Plate

DIY: 2007 Honda Odyssey License Bulb - License Bulb is somehow omitted in the owner’s manual. - There is a separate thread about LED bulb, search if you wish to use LED bulb. - Bulb is 2825 type at local autoparts store; or Honda 33301-SA0-741. About $1.50/each at Honda dealer.

Mar 21, 2005 - Does anyone know how to get access to the 2 bulbs? Does it require removing the rear tailgate panels? The manual does not have anything on this and. The Plate Light burned out, so it was time to replace both. They are under the rear hatch and pop out under.

How To Install Cccam Web Manager Center. I bought a few extra bulbs and store them in the glovebox (it is cheap and not worth the time and gasoline cost to run back and forth to dealer should I need more bulbs later). - The Lense Cover has a “Clear” and “Black” part.

“Clear” part has a smaller tab and faces the rear of the car. “Black” part has a slightly larger tab.

- Use a small FLAT Blade screw driver wrapped in cloth and gently pry it out. I pry on the Black larger tab side. Do not use excessive force. Just gentle prying. - When re-installing Lense Cover, I install the Larger Tab side first and just snap the other side in. Hope this helps. The AutoGuide.com network consists of the largest network of enthusiast-owned enthusiast-operated automotive communities.

Honda License Plate Cover

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