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A lot of Bartok's works will suffer from the [TB] block, since they are still under copyright in the US and EU -- since he died in 1945, his works will only be public domain in Europe in 2016. In the US, only those works published before 1923 are in the public domain. The Viola Concerto was one of the last works he wrote, so it was not written early enough to qualify for this. You will have to buy this.

Try Sheet Music Plus, or JW Pepper. You might also want to check death dates of the composers you ask for. It would give you a quicker answer. I had actually looked over the parts, (the 1st Violin part I uploaded, if anyone was able to browse the part -IE copyright reviewers) has possibly overlooked that, infact, these parts are not the complete revised parts edited, and prepared by Tibor Serly. These are a much earlier revision. I am researching these parts, as they came from a filing cabinet of a gentleman who was with Utah Symphony, up until his death in 2008.

Clovis Lark, who is current Principal Music Librarian is closest friends with Peter Bartok, he will have the information I need. Apologies if I am irritating by asking a question that's been explained the answer to before, and most people know already, but - if it's legal for Australians & New Zealanders (and it looks like Canadians too) to both upload and access by the way of download, why can't we currently upload the Viola Concerto to IMSLP? Yamaha Keyboard Midi Song Download. If the server is in Canada, then there's nothing illegal about it, right?