Asio Driver Pioneer Ddj Ergo Vs Wego

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I have the same problem as Oscar, the master volume and headphone volume knobs both work fine but the graphic on the Virtual DJ software doesn't move (it did initially, before I updated the firmware). Not a problem really though! Another issue I have (I think since the update) is that the gain knobs sometimes need a bit of a 'jiggle' before they will work each time. This doesn't happen during every mix, just now and again, but can be a bit annoying! Have there been any other reports of this kind of problem?? @Rachel >I would try disconnecting the ERGO, launch VDJ and change the audio settings -- then quit VDJ, reconnect the ERGO and reconfigure the audio settings again (for the ERGO), see if it works. Microsoft Diagnostics And Recovery Toolset Msdart 8.0. @Daniele >Articolo 31 Discografia Completa. When you apply the effect, have you previously moved any of the knobs during that session?

If not, you might not have 'picked-up' the software position with the hardware knob and as such, the effect parameters may be too low. The other consideration may be that you could upgrade to the newest version of Traktor (if you haven't already) and run the Setup Wizard under the help menu -- they've added the DDJ-ERGO to the list.

Laptop Dock Design – Like Pioneer’s other DDJ controllers, the DDJ-ERGO. Controller Cable for connecting iPad with DDJ-ERGO and DDJ-WeGO. DDJ-Ergo Driver. Download firmware or software for DDJ- We. GO2 - Pioneer DJThis firmware is a system software program for your DJ CONTROLLER. Ddj Wego K Software. Oct 13, 2014 - The system must recognize your Pioneer DDJ WeGO as Audio and MIDI device before configuring in DJ ProMixer. Pioneer DDJ WeGo only requires download and install the latest drivers, once installed you can configure in DJ ProMixer. AUDIO SET UP. DJ ProMixer ASIO Pioneer DDJ. Dec 05, 2011 Pioneer DDJ ERGO V Review Virtual DJ controller setup - Duration. Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Digital DJ Controller Demo & Review Video.