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Ryder8124 wrote. Carokube wrote: I was logged in. I download via in game. I just tried something and now it works--I read that the profile.dap file in my documents bioware dragon age settings can become unwritable so I renamed it to force the game to create a new one.

Now ALL of my content is authorized and I'm currently able to play witch hunt! Just loaded my character and watched the opening movie. Guys try this it seemed to resolved all my troubles. Poshto From Urdu Learning Book. Playing right now!

Exiled Prince DLC- Signature Edition DLC- DLC Decrypter- 18-Basic Unlockables Activator'Dragon Age 2 DLC. Dota Map 6.86 Ai. (All DLC + Unlockers) PC free full downloa.

Worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick and easy fix! And to think I wasted all that time online w/ EA customer support. Doesn't reflect well on their effectiveness, or about patching these DLC issues so that we don't have to worry about them anymore! So my dear silly guys;D.

Download 1.04 patch 2. Download Witch Hunt.

If you feel totally hopeless to downloading via bioware, our lovely Witch Hunt, then just download it from some torrent page like isohunt. Diskcryptor Portable. Then unpack all the files somewhere. Use 'dauptader' in your game's location, my is 'D: Program Files Dragon Age bin_ship' 5. Then put those 4 files to dauptader and install them. After installation, find folder 'dlc_decrypter' and there launch 'descrypt_all' 7.

Go to My Documents BioWare Dragon Age Settings then, edit there file 'AddIns' with using notepad, 8. Find (CTRL+F) and replace all RequiresAuthorization='1' to RequiresAuthorization='0'. And save the file 9.

Enjoy searching Morrigan. Damn, I love my Morriganie! I hope I helped you guys.

I'd just like to say this is ridiculous. I've had to go through countless fixes for this Addon I've had to find and complete myself to get something I paid for to work. First, the Addon wasn't installing properly through my game, so I had to find it on this website, download and install it. Then, It wouldn't let me run the damn thing because my account isn't 'Authorised.' I then searched for the solution to that, which included changing the 'addons' xml file '1's to '0's. And NOW, after I've done all that It still won't run because 'unable to load area.'

To which there appears to be no fix for (if you PAID for the addon.) Seriously, there's more support for this issue from people who are supplying this Addon illegally. They actually HAVE a fix, where as the company I legitimately purchased the Addon from has NO support and NO fix.

You guys are dreaming if you think I'll ever buy any more 'points' from you again. Concerning the issue, the current fix appears to be: download a DLC Decrypter from some torrent on the internet. It appears this fixes the stupidly buggy DLC that BioWare has supplied. I have not tried this yet, however.