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It’s here, it’s here! Yesterday evening, the lovely mailman delivered Shaun T’s Focus T25 that I ordered last week. I had been tracking the shipment like a hawk and it was actually delivered on a Saturday! You can tell who else was excited.:) Or maybe she thinks all presents are for her. Toddler mentality. That’s fine I have it too. Aside from the Alpha and Beta workout DVDs it came with: • Quick-Start Guide • Get It Done Nutrition Guide (clever because the meals are 5 ingredients and have 5 minute prep time) • ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars • Stretch Workout (considered a ‘free’ workout and falls on the 7th day) • 5-Day Fast Track (instructions for eating to lose the pounds in the first 5 days - I shall not follow) • B-LINES ® Resistance Band (15 lb.) • Core Speed (another 'free’ workout) You can purchase the as well (which I figured out after receiving this) which is the third phase of the program and the hardest.

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