Smartcut 3 5 Cracks

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• 86 Downloads • Abstract In the present paper, continuum fracture mechanics is used to analyze the Smart-Cut process, a recently established ion cut technology which enables highly efficient fabrication of various silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers of high uniformity in thickness. Capture Software Dazzle Dvc 100 on this page. Using integral transform and Cauchy singular integral equation methods, the mode-I and mode-II stress intensity factors, energy release rate, and crack opening displacements are derived in order to examine several important fracture mechanisms involved in the Smart-Cut process. The effects of defect interaction and stiffening wafer on defect growth are investigated. Download Mapinfo Professional 9.0 Crack.

The numerical results indicate that a stiffener/handle wafer can effectively prevent the donor wafer from blistering and exfoliation, but it slows down the defect growth by decreasing the magnitudes of SIF’s. Defect interaction also plays an important role in the splitting process of SOI wafers, but its contribution depends strongly on the size, interval and internal pressure of defects. Finally, an analytical formula is derived to estimate the implantation dose required for splitting a SOI wafer.

Nov 9, 2007 - Feng and Huang [2004] studied the fundamental physics and mechanics of the Smart-Cut technology. The previous Smart-Cut. SIFs of a circular subsurface crack under internal pressure. Also, for a very large. Swingline 9612 SmartCut Commercial Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer, 30 Sheets, Metal Base, 12 x 22: Rotary Paper Trimmers: Office Products.

Smartcut 3 5 Cracks

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