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I've been enjoying playing Shelem for a while. However in the past few days when I'm forced to see a advertised game, called “War Games” it resets the game I've not finished yet. Thus very frustrating. Please try to fix this issue or let me what my options are other than uninstalling the game all together. Shelem(Persian: شلم Shělěm), also called Rok or similar, is an Iranian trick-taking card game with four players in two partnerships, bidding and competing against each other. It is similar to Spades and Hokm, but bidding and trump are declared in every hand by the bidding winner. Both the name and the point structure of. Contribute to shelem development by creating an account on GitHub.

Shelem Game

Multiplayer is now available to everyone absolutely free. - You can invite your friends or use auto-match to find other players. If you want to invite your friends please make sure they have the app installed and they can get notifications from GameCenter. You can adjust these in your phone/tablet settings. - More options are added to the game including Joker.

- The whole app has a new skin. Install Icc Profiles Flexi 10. - Computer players play more intelligently. They still play completely fair. They have no idea what other players' cards are. - Now you can share your scores through social media and brag about your skills.

If you want to be able to post your scores to your Facebook wall please make sure to sign in to Facebook in your phone/tablet settings. - New background music is added to cheer you up. • 1.0.1 Mar 27, 2015.