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Rip Kirby, Current status / schedule Defunct Launch date March 4, 1946 End date June 26, 1999 Genre(s) Detective fiction Rip Kirby is a featuring the adventures of the lead character, a private detective created by in 1946. Displaying the talents of more than a dozen writers and illustrators, the strip had a run spanning five decades. After, Raymond did not return to work on any of his previous successful comic strips (,, ) but instead began work on a new strip in which ex-Marine Rip Kirby returns from World War II and goes to work as a private detective, sometimes accompanied by his girlfriend, fashion model Judith Lynne 'Honey' Dorian. Her given name and nickname were borrowed from the names of Raymond's three daughters. Rip Kirby was based on the suggestion by editor Ward Greene that Raymond try a 'detective-type' strip. First published on March 4, 1946, the strip was given significant promotion by the syndicate, even including fully painted promotional art, a rarity in comic-strip promotions. The strip enjoyed success, and Raymond received the in 1949.

Rib Kirby Mideafire.com

Dec 8, 2008 - Code: ---from folks like Fairport Convention's Richard Thompson and his unrelated bass counterpart from Pentangle, Danny Thompson, Drake also recruited school friend Robert Kirby to create most of the just-right string and wind arrangements.

During Raymond's years on the strip, the stories were initially written by Ward Greene and later, following Greene's death, by Fred Dickenson. Some sequences were also written by Raymond. Contents • • • • • • • Characters and story [ ] Comics historian Don Markstein noted how the character of Remington 'Rip' Kirby broke away from the usual: Circulation rose steadily during the strip's first few years — even tho Rip wasn't the kind of private detective they were used to from pulp fiction. This one did more cogitating than fisticuffing, and smoked a leisurely pipe while he did it. He had a frail, balding assistant, (a former burglar), instead of a two-fisted sidekick. Instead of carrying on with an endless series of female clients, he had a steady girlfriend, Honey Dorian.

If that wasn't enough, he even wore glasses! Buku Panduan Pramuka Penegak Pdf. Even Kerry Drake didn't depart so far from the standard. Drivers Sony Vaio Svf142c29u Windows 8 there. San Francisco Rush The Rock Pc. If Rip was more sophisticated and urbane than the average fictional private eye, that's okay, because he was very successful — both for himself and for the people who wrote, drew and distributed him. In 1956, Raymond was killed in a car crash.