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Windows Xp I386 Download

Aug 26, 2007 - If your hard drive has more than one i386 folder, look in your C: drive's root folder or inside the C: Windows folder. It will contain the files expand.exe, regedit.exe, and winnt32.exe. You'll also need the single-file version of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 update, which you can download immediately. Oct 29, 2012 Download i386 file for windows xp. Kamaljeet Oct 29, 2012, 4:38 AM. Free download for file i386 for windows xp; Windows Vista. If your computer came installed with Windows XP, but didn't come with a disc, you may be wondering how to go about reinstalling in case something happens. Luckily, you can create a. In order to create a bootable disc from your Windows folder, you will need to have an i386 folder on your computer. You can find it at the. I386 is a folder found on the Windows installation disk that contains system modules from which you can expand to copy to your HDD in the event something becomes corrupted. Sometimes, (not always), a copy is also place on the HDD. Ask a new question.

Hi I have Windows XP and I just ran Scannow. It updated my service pack 2 updates from my Windows XP OS CD, but since my computer has service pack 3 it stopped and asked for the Windows XP OS CD with service pack 3.

I do not own. Does MSFT offer a work around for this please. I have been told by MSFT tech support that the amount of time the window pops up asking for the cd is the number of corrupt files I have on my system. Buku Buku Tentang Kedisiplinan. I counted 27 pop ups.