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Nov 23, 2017 - Basic Features: Creating Mindmaps in Mindjet MindManager 2018. Most people will think of MindManager as mindmapping software – that's certainly how I thought of the product before I knew it well. So that's where we'll start in this review. MIndmanager software review. Mindjet Mindmanager 2018: The. Download the latest version of Mindjet MindManager free. Driver Intel Core I5 2400 Specs more. With an impressive list of powerful features and a user friendly interface that makes it very easy to access.

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Designed to improve work flow and make business processes more efficient, Mindjet MindManager can visually display brainstorming ideas and strategic plans into coherent, professional-looking mind maps. The ribbon interface offers easy access to all the options and features, while the 'Getting Started' video guide and the quick tips are there to help beginner users. You can work with several projects simultaneously, as each map is displayed in a separate tab. The mind map can include several topics and subtopics, hyperlinks, notes, images, tags, labels and even attachments. Items can be grouped together or linked by inserting relationship arrows.