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With another wrapped, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: It’s going to be one of the best falls in recent memory at movie theaters. From independent documentaries to would-be blockbusters, from Oscar contenders to foreign animated releases, there’s a little something for everybody coming out this fall. I’ve collected 15 of my favorite upcoming films that played in Toronto, organized by release date, then added bonus lists of movies coming next year and movies that received great buzz at Toronto but which I didn’t get to see. If you’ve got a moviegoing calendar, mark it accordingly. If you don’t, start one, because you’re going to want to go to a theater sometime very soon. Just a warning: All of these release dates may change or be for limited releases. Make sure to check local theater listings.

British director travels across the Atlantic, then keeps going, winding up in the American heartland with this intimate epic. In it, an 18-year-old girl () falls in with a magazine crew — groups of young people who travel the country selling magazine subscriptions at substantial markups — and travels north from Oklahoma through the Great Plains. Along the way, she nurses a crush on and develops a contentious relationship with boss. That doesn’t sound like a story that would sustain a film for two hours and 45 minutes, but American Honey’s success lies in the magnifying glass it places on what it’s like to grow up poor and female in America. Korean director lesbian romance slash crime drama The Handmaiden proved at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and the buzz has only built since then. Set in the 1930s, the film is loosely based on novelist Sarah Waters’s modern classic.

In it, a young Korean woman and a con man conspire to bilk a young Japanese heiress out of her considerable fortune by having the young woman pose as the heiress’s new handmaiden — so she can assist in the con man’s seduction of the heiress. Things get trickier when the heiress and the young woman begin to fall in love — and then there are 50 more twists. Director trembling, beautiful breakthrough just might be the best-looking film of the year.

Following a young black man as he grows from boy to adolescent to adult, Jenkins’s camera and script dig deep into what it means to grow up amid inner-city poverty while also trying to come to terms with your sexuality. As protagonist Chiron first learns of and then tries to deny his homosexuality, he becomes an aching symbol of repression itself, and just how harmful it can be.

Julieta Movie Download Dual Audio

There are few sequences as moving in film this year as the final 15 minutes of Moonlight. Horror buffs, take note: Not all of you are going to like this unsettling psychological scarefest, but those of you who do will really like it. The story is so simple as to seem almost like a myth or legend: A hospice nurse () moves into a creepy old house to care for the older woman who lies in her bed above, slowly dying. Said older woman was a top horror novelist in her time, and the audience might start to wonder if some of her ideas were inspired by real events. Director plays fair from frame one: There’s a ghost in this house, and it’s going to kill the nurse. That story may prove too slight for some, but it will be intensely terrifying for others. And since the movie will debut on Netflix, anybody can watch it on the day of its release.

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Image credit: Netflix. It’s surprising that Richard and Mildred Loving — the couple whose Supreme Court case legalized interracial marriage throughout the United States in the late 1960s — haven’t had a movie made about them before. They’re the very best sort of movie protagonists: ordinary people who discover that the system doesn’t want them to exist, and, as such, they’re going to have to change that system. Serial Number Rotary Watch Prices here. Loving is perhaps a little padded — director never met a shot of the two gazing lovingly at each other he didn’t like — but in its stripped-down simplicity and intense focus on the Lovings, it becomes deeply moving in the end. The best movie I saw in Toronto was this intricate sci-fi puzzle, directed by (of fame), about what happens when aliens land all over the planet — and then wait for humanity to come to them.

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Plays a languages expert who attempts to figure out how to communicate with the aliens, all the while having piercing memories of her dead daughter. That the film works both as a satisfying sci-fi story and as an emotional tale of moving through loss — and that it avoids the usual pitfalls of using a dead child as a plot device — is sort of remarkable. That it ties those two stories together as skillfully as it does in the end feels like a miracle. A downright risible blast of misanthropic dark comedy from Dutch director, Elle begins with Michele () being raped by an intruder in her home. After he leaves, she calmly and quietly cleans herself and her house up, and later scolds her cat for not even clawing her attacker. But otherwise, she goes on with her life as normal, not reporting the attack to the police. And then things get even weirder.