Johnny Juliano Mixer Presets

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Johnny Juliano Mixer Presets

I know Jazz is difficult. For one, the playing is extremely dynamic, so one moment you have no bleed problem, the next you do. One moment you have tons of headroom, the next moment your overdriving your preamps. I work with a pianist that's so dynamic, I have to set up four mics inside the lid - 2 closer to the soundboard for when he plays quietly and 2 a little further up for when he's smashing the keys because the piano starts to project differently and the sweet spot for the placement changes. It's only three or four instruments, but they all play in the same space - and you can't really put the bass player on the other side of the room because he and the drummer near to be able to have a clear line of communication. Then factor in the practical issues - you NEED a great space for jazz, period. Download Games Baby Zen Zen.

The bleed is inevitable, so you have to coordinate all the spot mics in a way where the bleed sounds like a nice room capture for every other instrument in the room, with enough space between instruments to not get phasing issues. And you really have to get it right in the tracking, because with that much room tone bouncing around there's only so much you can effect any one individual sound. I don't know if any genre is by nature harder to master than any other. I think the frequent demands of certain genres can make certain mastering tasks tough. Lots of home recording and mixing in Hip Hop.

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