Hp Raid 6 License Key

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Hp Raid 6 License KeyRaid 6 Vs Raid 5

• Open ACU and click the Configuration tab. • Select a controller from the Controller/Device menu.

• In the Available Tasks panel, click Manage License Keys. • Click Add License Key. • Enter License Keynumber. • Click Save When activated with a registered license key, SAAP provides the following features. • RAID 6 (ADG).

Winning Eleven 2012 Ps1 Bin English. Apr 16, 2012 - Hi all, My DL380 G7 has 8 hard disk with Smart Array P410i, i want to create an array with RAID 6 for 8 HDD, HP support suggest me buy an license for configuring. HP has a qualified SAS expander card for this, the online specs say 24 drives max with expander and you need they 'Smart Array Advanced Pack license key.

• Advanced Capacity Expansion. • Mirror splitting and recombining in offline mode. • Drive Erase. • Performance optimization for video on demand.

To configure the above features, please refer to the Controller and/or Array Configuration Utility user guide. These features are dependent on the Smart Array Controller model, firmware and number of hard drives installed. Regards, Renji.

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