Djmax Trilogy 1.32 Patch

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Djmax Trilogy 1.32 Patch 7,6/10 6446reviews
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I'm desperately trying to find a mirror for: • DJMax Trilogy 1.28 Update • DJMax Trilogy 1.29 Update If anybody has the files themselves or knows where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it. Additionally, I was wondering if the 1.32 update is actually an official update, or just something fan-made. I've seen it around but mostly on less-than-legitimate sites it seems, which makes me wonder if it's just a crack or something. I have the official game, I just want to get it back up to date. I actually feel like my game is at 1.28 because I have the KEY ASSIST option in my Settings Menu, but when I open the game it says BUILD 1.000027 or something, and my high scores were wiped when I reinstalled windows (although my EXP and unlocks still remain, odd.) Also, I have all the updates up to 1.27 if anybody needs them. The updates have become hard to find.:( Thanks!