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Basic MultiFlo Configurator Kit w/Power Supply and Adapter Cables. *Software, MultiFlo Configurator. Cable Assembly 2. Adobe 8bf Filters. 5mm. Converter 232/485. Power Supply MFC. Cable, Power, 9-Pin. Cable, Power, DeviceNet. * MultiFlo Configurator Software is.

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The Benefits of the Solidify Product Configurator Empower buyers to self-configure-to-order your products with the Solidify Product Configurator. Evolution Futuyma Pdf. This complex, rules-based solution applies your unique assembly rules to Solidify’s rules compiler to create a seamless online build-to-order experience.

You choose the amount of work your product configurator does – from configure-to-quote to configure-to-order. Complex decision-making functionality drives every step, with rules set by you, delivering only valid products and eliminating mistakes, extra costs and delays.