Buena Vista Social Club Film Torrent Italia

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The Buena Vista Social Club was the name of a members-only music club in Havana, Cuba that was at its height during the 1940s. In the late 1990s Wim Wenders made a movie upon the initiative of Ry Cooder called 'The Buena Vista Social Club.' Wenders film centered on Ry Cooder's efforts to find and reunite some of.

Despite Cuba and Jamaica being two of the world's most influential musical nations (and only 90 miles apart), there has been very little musical collaboration between the two islands - until now. This project will fire up a melting pot of traditional and contemporary Cuban and Jamaican music, and intends to explore and develop new styles and sounds as we bring some of the best musicians from both islands together for the first time in Havana. Presenting a truly international musical experience, this will also be the first album sung simultaneously in Spanish, English and Jamaican Patois. The international artists will come together to record at Havana's famed Egrem studios in Cuba. Over the course of eight days, the musicians will collaborate, compose and improvise together to create an incredible full length album.

By bringing such gifted and established musicians into a unique recording situation, we intend to showcase the best of each island's musical heritage as well as encourage completely new fusions of styles. The eight days recording in Cuba will only be one aspect of the recording process. Further overdubs incorporating many more vocalists and musicians will take place in Jamaica and Australia following the sessions in Cuba. The completed album will be mixed and mastered in Australia. To honour this historical meeting of cultures, we are enlisting the help of internationally acclaimed filmmakers Rick Mereki and Lauren Beck to document every moment. With your help, they will produce an independent film which celebrates the music and stories of the artists & musicians involved in this monumental project. Rick Mereki Rick Mereki has been hailed as one of the most original and exciting young directors to emerge from Australia.

His innovative and dynamic approach to filmmaking manages to imbue in his work both beauty and a humanistic quality. Following the viral success of his films MOVE, EAT and LEARN which received a combined 25 million views online, Mereki was included in the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes in 2012. Lauren Rosa Beck Lauren Rosa Beck has worked alongside Rick Mereki producing travel films across the globe.

Buena Vista Social Club Film Torrent Italia

In addition to her role as a producer, she has also designed numerous award winning films and music videos. She has recently been working on commercial feature films including Jemaine Clement’s Sundance Nominated ‘People Places Things’. Laurenrosebeck. Paragon Extfs For Windows Cracker. com Lara Merrington Lara Merrington is photographer and project curator from Australia.

She has spent much of her career covering live music events and musicians. Clients include: Womadelaide, Berlin Festival, Falls Festival, Mona Foma, Faster Louder and Slow Travel Berlin. Michael Ende Die Unendliche Geschichte Ebook Torrents more. Winner of the 2010 Ruth Tuck Visual Arts Scholarship, she has completed residencies in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Berlin and speaks fluent Spanish. FEATURED AUSTRALIAN MUSICIANS The key Australian artists accompanying Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to the Caribbean are Javier Fredes, Nui Moon and Julian Goyma.