Apc Powerchute Business Edition 7.0

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Apc Powerchute Business Edition 7.0

APC PowerChute Business Edition v. Naresh Malhotra Marketing Research Ebook Pdf Downloads. 7.0.4. PowerChute Business Edition enables you to simultaneously monitor up to 25 UPSs protecting servers or workstations. PowerChute Business Edition Backwards Compatibility. PowerChute Business Edition 7.0.4/7.0.4a/7.0.4b Agent. APC by Schneider Electric.

11:19 AM (in response to wsis) Ok, There are 3 parts to Business Edition - The Agent, The Server, and The Console. When you installed the Agent, it would have asked you to enter a username and password. When you installed the Server, it would have asked you for the username and password of the PowerChute Agent that the Server should be managing. (You might have more than one Agent installed in your network, and using different logins would ensure that this PowerChute Server can see only the Agents who's credentails match.

Other times, you may have multiple Agents on your network, and you want the PowerChute Server to manage them all. In this case you would want to use the same credentails on all your Agents.) The PowerChute Console's job is to log intoa PowerChute Server, and allow you to manage it's Agents. When you run the Console it asks you what the IP address and username/password of the PowerChute Business Edition Server you want to log into.