The Cosmic Pulse Of Life Pdf Download

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The Cosmic Pulse Of Life Pdf Download

Carlita is honored to have a very special guest, a legendary pioneer for engineering the ether- Trevor James Constable. Visit Trevor's Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering website is at Trevor James Constable, originally from New Zealand, worked in the merchant marines for over 31 years as a merchant marine radio officer, he travelled on enormous ships crossing the north eastern pacific ocean over 300 times, this gave him the opportunity to experiment with his research based on Wilhelm Reich's work. After Trevor retired from the Merchant Marines, Trevor launched the worlds first Airborne Etheric Weather Engineering Operations based in Singapore from the late 1980s to the 2000; Trevor worked with US AirForce retired Colonel W. Starwind 4 0 Seriale. A.' Willy' Schauer, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer George K.

Wuu and US AirForce General retired Curtis Emerson Lemay. Trevor has written ten books, his most notible work being the Cosmic Pulse of Life, The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs.

Feb 11, 1976 - It becomes life. Each individual life manifestation -- be it a human entity or another organism -- is a pulse beat. Life penetrates all organisms. As long as manifest life lasts, the pulse of universal life expands. Billow forth again on its next cosmic pulse beat, creating new form, enlivening more matter, filling. Life on other planets. Extraterrestrial anthropology. Interstellar communication. Vakoch, Douglas A. QB54.A74 2012. This publication is available as a free download. Venture in the exploration of the cosmos but was considered by many to be on the fringes of the.

Trevor talks about how he learnt to engineer the ether based on his pioneering Austrian research influences such as Dr Wilehlm Reich and Rudolph Steiner's work, Trevor's book LOOM OF THE FUTURE -- 1994 which was out of print is now being republished and available at the Book Tree,(in 90 days) Trevor explains how he came to learn about Ether through Dr Wilhelm Reich's experiments with illuminating ether in a vacuum tube and how the function of the orgasm is key in understanding the principles of the ether, the divine primordial substance that is the basis for all universal life forms. Trevor was guided by Wilhelm Reich's daughter Dr Eva Reich, which allowed him to refine his techniques with rain engineering.

Trevor discusses how the etheric force flows around the earth oscillating around the cardinal points and how it can be manipulated to create rain, he developed and fine-tuned equipment on his ocean crossings across the North Eastern Pacific. He explains how his rain-engineering tubes are constructed and how they can work with the ether, how this creates a force that attracts and pushes back the ether. Trevor funded all his rain engineering work himself, he developed the P-gun after his work at sea which he used in his Etheric Weather Engineering Aviation project work in the 1990s privately funded operations until he was aided by George K.C.

Wuu of Singapore. The work has thus been kept clean and independent. He discusses how this technology was used to save Malaysia from a four and a half month drought. Watch a presentation of Trevor and his Rainengineering work in action in this video We explore the many social and political implications that his Rain Engineering operations came up against and why government officials are afraid to use his pioneering technology. Trevor explains how the oligarchs persecute governments if they attempt to use this pioneering technology because the oligarchy profit from drought and pollution.

We discuss how other scientists' pioneering research has been repressed, destroyed and discredited for the same reasons. The story of Dr Ruth Drowns which features in his book the Cosmic Pulse of Life, where Dr Ruth Drowns features in the story 'criminal or genius'. Trevor was the first person to use and develop the technique of filming in infra-red and ultra-violet to study plasma organisms, he refers to as critters, he talks about his work documenting these creatures that live in our atmosphere in outer-psace, which are not visible to the human naked eye. We discuss these creatures and their documentation in space with the famous tether incident, leaked out on NASA footage, we discuss other elemental beings and plasma orbs. Revelation Robben Ford Pdf Delete more.