Show Jumping Course Design Program

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Add some Rio flare to our Gow Gates Exhibition Eventing Equestrian Grand Final by designing one of the show jumps. Adelaide Olympian and two time Olympic gold medallist Gill Rolton; Adelaide Olympian and Ready Set Trot Ambassador Megan Jones; Australia's leading Show Jumping course designer John Vallance.

Digital Course Design is a drawing program for course designers for jumping, but is also very useful for horse driving (Obstacle Driving / “cones”). With DCD, you make your drawings exactly to scale, accurate down to the millimeter. With the program, you measure the length of the course, and the minimum and maximum. Scopey is the easy-to-use tool to design course tracks and arena exercises on the go. Just as a 'scopey horse' uses a good jumping style and technique, the Scopey app is developed to bring the right techniques to the modern show jumping course designer, trainer and rider. Naresh Malhotra Marketing Research Ebook Pdf Downloads. App in development for iPhone and iPad. Showjumping course design in 3D. For rendering and adding sounds we have used extra software. Create Your First Course Design Show Jumping.

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Course Designer Education System for Course Designers In conjunction with the working groups, British Showjumping reviews the Officials Pathway on an annual basis to ensure that it is fit for purpose and helps recruit, retain and develop our Officials Workforce. Judges are classified at one of the following levels: • Trainee Course Designer • Level 1 Course Designer • Level 2 Course Designer • Level 3 Course Designer • Level 4 Course Designer • Level 5 Course Designer For an overview of the Course Designers Training & Development Pathway, British Showjumping Judges Training & Development Pathway - Detailed (Click Below) Course Designers Portfolio - Officials Logbook The Officials Logbook has been created to help aid, track and monitor development through the Officiating Levels. The Logbook captures some of the key Criteria and Competencies of each Level and is used as a guide for recommendation. Officials who are upgrading will be expected to complete this as part of their upgrade. Course Designers are encouraged to cerate a portfolio of works including master plans with heights and distances. So to help show depth of knowledge and experience. Gaggia Xd Evolution User Manual here.

Portfolio Forms Can be downloaded here. Regional Official Mentors The Regional Official Mentors were introduced to help Officials on a more local basis with any questions, queries or problems that may arise. Each of the Regional Official Mentors were appointed following an application process, and were appointed as proactive and forward thinking individuals who displayed experience in developing and progressing individuals.