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Leon Schuster Videos

Check out Leon Schuster on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon. Its not racist at all. Leon is actually a wonderful person. If you understood the south african Afrikaaner culture.

Leon is back in fine form doing what he does best- candid camera! This thrill-a-minute flick is a throwback to Schuster's earlier work and it is superb. There's plenty of new pranks to keep even the most discerning fan entertained.

Great comedy all round and a definite must-see for all fans of the genre. It's great to see Alfred Ntombela back with Leon in this comedy caper. The jokes are fresh and the humour is incisive.

Leon may well have aged a little but his sense of humour is as sharp as ever. This flick may not be one of his big budget showpieces like Mr Bones or Panic Mechanic, but it's certainly a topnotch addition to his entertaining films.

Related Posts • • • • • University students might not be the most level-headed bunch, but it looks like they’ve learnt from the ‘blackface’ scandals that rocked South Africa a few years back. You know, the okes who dressed up as Venus and Serena Williams and the other two who went full ‘madam’ (). That’s because the general public consensus is that blackface is not OK – not ever. This is troublesome for someone like Leon Schuster, who has made a career out of lampooning South Africans and is never shy of donning some face paint. Sunday night saw his movie Schuks! Pay Back the Money! air on M-Net in the (formerly coveted) 8PM slot. One look at the trailer and you know where this is going: Outrage on Twitter was rapid, with some responses below taken from: @Burgerboxx said that one day we would have to explain to our children “why we allowed Leon Schuster to continue making movies”, while @Kay_Phalatse shared that “at some point everyone is racist (even us blacks), so we all need to accept it and stop pointing fingers at other people #LeonSchuster”. Nokia N70 Hard Reset on this page.

An angry @StaggaSays said he didn’t “respect any black people that like Leon Schuster or Mr Bean” in response to @CulpritEnter, who said he hated himself “for liking Leon Schuster as a kid. All along he was mocking us as black people” @The_DjMakO pointed out that “if Leon Schuster is racist according to the shows he made, then so is Trevor Noah.

They’ve both mocked black people,” he said. @Ole_Morule argued that Schuster pranks “are supposed to be provocative, like any comedian.

“If it’s not provocative then what’s the point? Xforce Keygen 64 Bit 2013. Y’all too sensitive,” she said. @Nancy_XhosaAF said people paid so much money for DStv Premium “and they give you Leon Schuster #PayBackTheMoney”. That last one certainly rings true – with Netflix and Showmax entering the market, DStv is going to have to do far better if it doesn’t want to see its market share dwindle.

More less than impressed responses: Anger at Leon Schuster, anger at white South Africans, anger at M-Net and DStv. Let’s consign awful movies like these to the scrapheap please – Leon’s time has come and gone, and whoever made the decision to air this should head over to the SABC and join Hlaudi with their heads in the sand. Still, we have enjoyed the odd harmless chuckle over the years [source:] • ← • →.