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Add or update subitem in listview. Posted 23 February 2011 - 11:44 AM. I have this subroutine and i pass 2 parameters. 1 the Printernum (it is the line that i want to change in my listview) 2 the returndata i want in the printernum line to add or update the txtonlyCounter in the 7 subitem.

Subitems In Powerpoint

SubItems Property (ListView Control) Returns or sets an array of strings (a subitem) representing the ListItem object's data in a ListView control. Syntax object.

SubItems( index ) [= string] The SubItems property syntax has these parts: Part Description object An object expression that evaluates to a ListItem object. Index An integer that identifies a subitem for the specified ListItem. String Text that describes the subitem. Remarks Subitems are of strings representing the ListItem object's data that are displayed in Report view. For example, you could show the file size and the date last modified for a file. Driver Monitor Lg Flatron W2240 Cena. Qhsusb_dload Driver Samsung Galaxy S2.