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Dyned English Software

English For Success is an award-winning, research-based, English language learning course for students who need to use English in school, including content areas like math, science, geography and history. This pioneering course has been honored by the French Ministry of Education.

Update: As of October 2011, English For Success has been revised and expanded, with 10 additional units. App Untuk Memperkuat Jaringan Wifi Laptop there. This expanded course prepares students for a full academic curriculum in English. New subject areas include: Ancient History, Economics, Politics and Psychology. Ages • 11 - 17 Levels • Basic - Upper Intermediate Features • School subjects and school situations • Neuroscientific approach to language learning • Scope and sequence systematically develops language concepts • Reliable, easy-to-use interface • Voice Record and Speech Recognition • Adjusts content to student performance • 4-Skills sequence: listening, speaking, reading and writing • Glossary and Help Screens • Placement and Mastery Tests • Teacher's Guide with Suggestions and Worksheets • Award-winning • Intelligent Tutor • Teacher Training and Support. Overview This course prepares students to use English at school and in school subject areas like math, science, and history. It teaches the language of classroom presentations, explanations, questions, homework and tests. Its multisensory, interactive approach has significant advantages over text-based presentations.

With increased English language proficiency, your students will show test gains in all subject areas. English For Success gives students the English language skills they need to succeed - not just in their English class - but in all of their classes and with their acquaintances at school. Microcal Origin 6.0 on this page. English For Success is really three courses in one, with each reinforcing the other: • A General English Course that focuses on people, places, weather and daily activities, etc. • A Social and Situational Language Course that focuses on typical school and telephone conversations among friends. • A Subject Preparation Course that develops the English language framework and vocabulary necessary for students to participate and succeed in all subject areas. Speaking-Up Lessons give students the chance to take advantage of Speech Recognition technology to practice their speaking. These motivating exercises provide additional repetitions of key vocabulary, grammar, and important phrases introduced and practiced in earlier lessons.

DynEd English Language Learning (ELL) Software Program. DynEd provides schools with cost-effective English learning software. Learning needs a great partner.

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