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Publisher blurb This is a compilation of 36 maps from the entire Carrion Crown Adventure Path, with special PDF-only interactive features: buttons that allow you to hide map tags and/or grids, or engage a player-friendly view, hiding secret doors and even obscuring secret rooms! These are the exact same maps that appear throughout the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, presented at the exact same scale. These interactive features are fully supported in current versions of Adobe Reader, but they may not work reliably with other PDF viewers. (In particular, Apple's PDF renderer does not currently support these interactive features, so they won't work with Apple's Preview app or iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.) If your reader does not support the interactive features, you'll usually be able to see the maps, but the buttons won't hide anything. Adobe Reader is a free download from Note that the Interactive Maps for each individual volume of the Adventure Path are already included with the PDF edition of the corresponding book, so if you already have the full set of Carrion Crown PDFs, you do not need this collection. Interactive maps do not support image extraction in Adobe Reader.

The non-interactive versions of the maps can be found in the PDF editions of the individual Adventure Path volumes and may be extracted from those files. See the Interactive Map FAQ for more information. Cartography by Jared Blando & Robert Lazzaretti.

Carrion Crown Maps

Welcome to the PATHFINDER RPG Collector's Guide. This is a work-in-progress, designed to be a complete list of all official Pathfinder products along the same lines as Echohawk's fantastic D&D Collector's Guides (which are listed below). The Pathfinder RPG was launched by Paizo Publishing in 2009, and is based on the D&D 3rd Edition/d20 system branch of the D&D ruleset, with considerable updates and changes. The line consists primarily of a number of hardback rulebooks and various Adventure Path series. The primary sources of information for this guide were and, plus assorted websites and forum posts. Dates were primarily taken from unless a more authoritative source was found.

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