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Aug 31, 2012 - Font Runner (64-Bit) is a Windows font manager for artists and graphic designers. It is designed to easily organize and search collections of fonts. Dec 19, 2008 - Sometimes folks can't install any OpenType CFF ('.otf') or Type 1 (a.k.a. 'PostScript') fonts on a Windows computer. I've just upgraded to windows 7 and cannot figure out how to install an opentype font. I am freaking out- i have a lot of adobe fonts that are useless because i can't install them.

Hi, I work for a large media company and we extensively use Adobe Type 1 (or Postscript) fonts in pre-press. We have licence agreements to use these fonts in our publications. We have just started testing apps on Windows 7 RC (there was a corporate decision not to migrate to Vista because of lifecycle issues with XP) and have found it difficult, if not impossible, to install our fonts.

It would appear that the methods for installing Type 1 may have changed requiring different file types. Can anyone shed any light on this? Nqetech - Just tested out installing a few T1 fonts. There are two general rules for how to do this. 1.) Drag/drop both the PFM and PFB files (the INF and AFM files aren't important nor needed) to C: Windows Fonts 2.) Open each font by clicking on the PFM and clicking the Install button at the top of the font preview window. #2 is slower, but it works as well as any other with any font type that Windows 7 supports: TrueType - TTF TrueType Collection - TTC OpenType - OTF Type 1 - PFB/PFM Raster - FON Note: If you drag/drop Type 1 fonts (PFB/PFM) to the Windows Fonts folder, Windows 7 may complain when copying the PFB saying that it's missing the PFM and that you should install using the PFM.

Either way - both methods work tho #2 is preferred when dealing with a T1 font. I am having this same issue as the OP. Have tried both methods for installing my Type 1 files (e. Fexplorer S60 3rd Edition. g. Drag and drop and the 'install' button in the font viewer) to no avail. When attempting to drag and drop, I receive the same error message as the OP mentioned, and the fonts do not display in my Adobe applications. Does anyone have any additional information they can offer? I have purchased hundreds of fonts in the Type 1 format over the years.

For them to not work in Windows 7 is completely unacceptable. I had this problem too but I had fonts in PFM format already.

I try to install fonts meny various ways and programs (Word, Photoshop, InDesign.) didn't show them. I solved my problem in weird way. I openen my burning software InfranRecorder and explorer font files from cd. The I click right button on the font file and select Install. Now it installed correct. Then I tried to install font without burning program. The fonts installed normally but didn't show in programs.

So I have to use for example my burning software to install new Type1 fonts.

From:.inf (INFormation) files contain application-specific information in plain ASCII text, such as font menu names for Windows and DOS-based applications. When a font is installed in Windows, the ATM Installer software takes the AFM and the INF file as input and generates the required PFM file at installation time. The AFM and INF files are not installed in the user's system. Buk Sbk Sd Pdf.